Is Affiliate Marketing Too Saturated in 2024?


So can you tell me what this is? Comment in the comment section below if you know what this is and if it relates to the topic of this video. Whenever I talk about affiliate marketing, the number one comment or piece of feedback that I receive is no one can do affiliate marketing unless you have a million followers.

Affiliate marketing is too saturated. Well, in this video, I am going to tell you that you’re wrong. You’re wrong. And I’m going to prove it to you. I’m going to show you how anybody can start affiliate marketing with real examples. So if you believe that affiliate marketing is too saturated, if you need to have a million followers to get started, I’m going to show you different YouTube channels.

You could do this with any platform, but I’m going to show you different YouTube channels that have less than a 3000 subscribers, less than 2000 subscribers, and less than 600 subscribers that are getting started creating content so that they can earn affiliate commission. So if you believe that affiliate marketing is too saturated, make sure you watch this entire video.

Hi, my name is Alston Godbolt with I create content to actually help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pocket. And if you want to be added to the globe, comment down below with your city, state, zip code, province, or country, And I’ll get your pen. All right. So what we’re going to do today is I’m going to show you how affiliate marketing isn’t too saturated, how you can get started and the method to my madness.

I’m going to show you a few different ways, a few different instances so that you can get started if you essentially get out of your own way. So let’s go ahead and take a look. The first one here is the Logitech MX Brio. Again, I’m going to show you YouTube because it’s easier to see the number of subscribers and the number of views.

If we take a look at this first video here is the MXBrio Logitech’s best webcam yet. This person has 2, 900 subscribers, but his video has 18, 000 views. So this first example should be encouragement enough to show you that you don’t need to have a huge following to be successful online. Now, again, toward the end of this video, I’m going to reveal what this product is and what it has to do with what we’re talking about.

And I’m going to reveal how I’m able to find it’s really simple once you know, but this is just one example. Another example is the CalPAC baby collection review. Now, what I wanted to do is I wanted to go out and find different niches so that you can’t just say, Hey, it’s only in one niche. You have to be inside of one niche to be successful.

Now, if we look at this, the top result, 12. 2, 000 subscribers, 941 reviews. Views, excuse me, but look at the second one here, 200 subscribers, 3. 9 thousand views. Now if this person’s monetized correctly, this could be a very successful video. So again, less than 500 subscribers, but 3. 9 thousand views. This should be another really good plain as day example showing you that you don’t need to have a lot of subscribers to be successful with affiliate marketing.

If we keep scrolling here, 34, 000 subscribers, but look at this one, 1. 86 thousand subscribers, 1. 6 thousand views. Let’s look at this one. This is the one that I really wanted to show you. This video is two minutes and 37 seconds long. It has 5. 4 thousand views. And this person only has nine subscribers. So you don’t even need 10 subscribers in order to start seeing success when you create content.

But I’ve got more examples here. So if we take a look at this one, this one’s in the makeup or skincare niche. So there are literally no excuses. This one right here, uh, she has 1. 4 4 9, 000 subscribers. She has 2, 000 views. Again, there’s really no excuse, but maybe you think this is a one off. She, this person completely different person, 2.

8 thousand subscribers, 1. 2 thousand views, 454 views, 1. 4, 6, 000 subscribers, all talking about this type of skincare. And again, I’m going to show you and tell you exactly how I did this. And how I found these so that you can do it too. But hopefully you’re starting to see that you don’t need to have this huge following in order to be successful online.

Now let’s take a look at this one. These are the Okub Mach 6 running shoes. So we’re in the sports, we’re in the fitness, we’re in the athletic niche. 11, 000 views, 9, 000 subscribers, 3, 000 views, 5, 000 subscribers. I’m going to keep hitting you over the head with these different examples, because I want to eliminate any excuses that you might have.

2, 000 views, 5. 6, 000 subscribers. You don’t need to have a huge channel to be successful. You just need to know what you’re doing. Look at this one, 211, 000 views, 3, 000 subscribers. This should give you the encouragement, the excitement, the motivation required to get up and running. I’m going to reveal how to do it step by step in just a moment.

Uh, so we’re looking at bikes. This is the rhombus electric mountain bike. Let’s see here. There’s big subscribers. This person has 10, 000 subscribers, 3, 000 views. I think that’s the best one. 6, 000 subscribers, 6. 9 thousand views. 7, 000 subscribers, 5. 4 thousand views. So comment down below what your excuse is.

If these tiny, tiny micro channels are able to find success, why can’t you do it? Look at this one, 458 subscribers, 14, 000 views. So what is your excuse for not being successful? Because saying that you need to have a bunch of subscribers is an excuse that you’re telling yourself so that you don’t have to be successful.

We’re seeing all sorts of teeny tiny channels in this niche, getting lots of views. And again, I’m going to reveal to you in just a moment, this one strawberry overnight oats. This is the cookie niche, 12, 000 views, 4, 000 subscribers, 5, 000 subscribers, 3. 8 thousand views. This should get you excited. This should eliminate all doubt that you might have 4.

6 thousand subscribers, 45, 000 views. This should eliminate any doubt that you might have. About being successful. Now you might say, hey, these are niches that nobody cares about. What about Apple, Austin? I want to get into the tech niche, but it’s too competitive. There’s no way that a brand new person could get into the tech niche.

Look at this right here. This person has 5, 000 subscribers. Their video has 11, 000 views. It’s on the M3 iPad Pro. So this should eliminate any doubt. Now this person is showing up on the first page and competing with YouTube channels that have hundreds of thousands and millions of views. 3. 72 millions of subscribers and he’s showing up in like the fifth position.

So if he can do it, why can’t you? Okay. So let me hit you over the head with another one. Uh, this person, iPad aired 2024 9, 000 views, 4, 000 subscribers. He’s doing it. Why can’t you? Okay. This is a five minute video. His video shows up first above a video from a YouTube channel that has 1. 18 million views.

There is absolutely no excuse for you not to start Your online business, whether it’s affiliate marketing, whatever it is, but there’s no excuse. You’re telling yourself that you need to have millions of subscribers as an out so that you’re not successful. That’s basically what it comes down to. You’re giving yourself an out.

What about the Apple watch 10? This person. 2. 6, 000 views, 2. 62, 000 subscribers. I imagine a lot of these subscribers came from this video. And again, he’s showing up on the first page, 587, 000 subscribers, 1. 18 million subscribers. And he’s showing up in like the fifth or sixth position. So if he’s doing it, why can’t you?

That would be the question I’m, I would ask myself, Oh, look at this 197 subscribers and he’s got 1. 1 thousand views talking about the Apple watch 10. These guys can do it. Why can’t you do it? Why aren’t you doing it? Is the question that I would have for you. What excuses do you have now that you’re seeing?

I’ve got probably 10 examples here, but look at this one. New Apple Watch Ultra 2024, 1. 98 thousand views, 320 subscribers. So again, if someone with a teeny tiny channel that has 320 subscribers can show up in the top five or six competing with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, And they can be successful.

Why can’t you? It’s probably the question that I would ask. Why aren’t you successful if this guy can do it? Okay. Let me give you one more example. This is in the video game niche, WWE 2K24 review. He has 2. 5 thousand views on this video, only 3000, almost 4, 000 subscribers. So this works. What I’m going to show you works with every single niche and there’s absolutely no excuse.

Why you can’t do it. Look at this 4. 4, 000 views, 4. 8, 000 subscribers. This works any and every niche. Last one I’m going to show you is in the cooking niche Reese’s baking mixes. This person has 244 views, 526 subscribers. Probably got a bulk of those subscribers with this video. But yeah, so what I’ve shown you is probably 10 examples.

Of people that have teeny tiny channels, teeny tiny accounts. They’re getting lots of views and all sorts of different niches and what they’re doing and what you should do is create content on new products. The reason why you want to create content on new products is because there’s less competition.

There’s less people on the market that are already talking about that product. If you try and talk about the iPhone 12 or whatever the current one is, they’re going to be facing competition from everybody else. That’s talking about the iPhone 12. However, if you look out. In advance and you talk about the different opportunities that are coming up.

And I’m going to show you how to do that in just a moment. That’s where your opportunity lies. And that’s where this thing comes into play. Now, this is actually the ring dash cam. Okay. And so the ring dash cam is a ring video doorbell essentially for your car. And five years ago. There was no such thing as this ring dash cam.

What I did is I actually created content on this ring dash cam and got a bunch of views as a small, a content creator. So again, you don’t necessarily have to buy the product. It will help if you do, but create content on new stuff. That’s where your area of opportunity is. Of course, if you try and create content and stuff that has been around for a year or two, it’s going to be competitive.

But if you go out and find new things that are either not on the market yet, Or have just hit the market within the last couple of days or weeks, that’s going to be your area of opportunity as a new content creator. So let’s go ahead and talk about how you can find these different opportunities and ideas.

I simply went over to Google and I typed in new products, 2024. And it took me to this website by. NBC news. And a lot of the different products that you see came right from this website. Okay. This, uh, Logitech Brio came from this website. Me finding ideas about the me finding ideas about the Apple Mac book air came from this website.

So all you have to do really simple, really easy. And this cowlback baby collection came from this website. And so you just type in new products, March, 2024, new products, May, 2024. And then. If we look at this website, you can see late March, early April iPads. That’s where I got, I just literally copied this and pasted it right into YouTube and I found a bunch of ideas.

You can see here new products March 2024. There’s a couple other ways that I’m going to show you in just a moment So stick with me here. Now again, I typed in new products and it took me to this website Polygon. com WWE 2k 24 came out March 8th So this works for new or recently released products as well and so the other thing that I did is I went over to Amazon and I went to the all Category and I look for new releases Those are going to be new products.

What you’re going to do next is you’re simply going to click on one or two of these, paste it right into YouTube, and then you’re going to see if people are talking about it. For example, maybe this Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Gen 2 USB Wireless Amplified Gaming. I’m just going to copy this like this. Oops, I’m going to copy this like so, and I’m going to paste it right into YouTube and see if people are searching this.

Now it does require a little bit of research. If you’re not willing to put in the work up front, you can’t expect to see positive results. So I pasted this in and we scroll here. Now I didn’t do this ahead of time, so this might be a poor example, but this is basically the research that I did. I found products.

Like this, copy the name and then paste it in. And just a moment, I’m going to tell you the types of content you should make so that you can get in front of a highly targeted audience. So maybe new finish car polish and sealant once a year, polish copy and paste it right into right into YouTube or Tik TOK, wherever you’re creating your content.

Okay. So now that we have an idea of how to find new products, the other way is just to go to like bestbuy. com and type in new. You’ll get a list of things that are brand new and you’ll follow the same process. You’ll copy the name of the product and paste it in as is, as you see it. So once we have an idea of a product, we’re going to go back over to YouTube and I’m basically, I’m going to be looking for review.

So if people are typing in review, I’m going to be looking for unboxing like this. I’m going to be looking for keywords like first impression. I’m also going to be looking for comparison. So if we do Logitech MX Brio versus. They’re going to be doing comparisons versus other models or older models. And if you look at this and you’re seeing me do this in real time, this one has 121, 000 views from five years ago.

Only 22, 000 subscribers. So you’re seeing this in real time. 16, 000 subscribers, 118, 000 views, 7, 000 subscribers, 156, 000 views. So this should be. Like your motivation to get going. Okay. You’ve had a lot of excuses, time to eliminate the excuses, because you can see right here that there are channels that have less than 3000 subscribers that are showing up on the first page for this keyword.

And this is something that anybody can do. So we’ve had a lot of excuses. Affiliate marketing cannot be saturated simply because there are new products that come out every single year. There are new products that come out every single month. Okay, like clockwork, Apple comes out with new products every single year.

There are new TVs that come out every single year. There’s new stuff that comes out every single year. So really affiliate marketing being saturated is impossible. Affiliate marketing is a key word or an umbrella term that represents an aspect of marketing. So itself and it of itself can’t be oversaturated.

But if you believe that affiliate marketing is saturated, hopefully this video dispelled some of those myths. If you still believe it’s saturated, I want you to comment down below why you think it’s saturated and I’ll make another video proving that you’re wrong. Now that you know that affiliate marketing is not saturated and it can’t be, I put together a free five hour masterclass.

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