I Tried It: Easiest $5.00 Every 30 Seconds For FREE (Make Money Online 2024)


In this episode of I tried it. We’re going to test this side. Also the claims that we can make 5 every 30 seconds for free. This video is going to be composed of three parts. Part number one is an overview of what the original content creator claims we should do. Part two are my results and why, and then part three is going to be if there are better ways to make money online.

Hi, I’m Alston Godbolt with alstongodbolt.com. I create content to actually help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pocket. And if you want to be added to the globe, Comment down below with your city, state, zip code, province, or country. In the original video, content creator David Nick claims that we can make 5 every 30 seconds for free.

We’re going to use a combination of Chachabit, Canva, Affiliate Marketing, and a mystery website to help us make money online for free in just 30 seconds. And the good news is, this process is pretty simple and pretty straightforward. Step number one is to go to Chachabit. com and search popular books within a niche.

For example, I asked Chachabit to make a list of the 100 most popular business books. And here’s what Chachabit returned. The 100 Startup, The Hard Things About Hard Things, and Crushing It by Gary V. Once we have our list, the next step is to make a book summary for each book. For example, I asked Chachabit to make a summary and a title.

for the book, the 100 startup. While that’s working, we’re supposed to go over to Google and search for a image of the cover. Once we find the book cover, we are supposed to save it to our hard drive to use later. Once we have it saved, we’re going to head on over to Canva and we are going to upload that image.

And just a side note, this has already taken me more than 30 seconds. What we’re going to do with our book cover is we are going to create a brand new image on top of the image. We’re going to title it. Freebook and then the picture of our book cover. And then the final step within Canva is to change the background cover to make it the same color as our book cover.

If you take a look at my screen here, here’s an example of what we’re supposed to have once we’re done with Canva. Freebook. Here’s the book cover and then the background to match the book. Pretty simple. Once we have that completed in Canva, we’re just going to download it right to our computer. The next step is to become an affiliate because that’s how we’re going to make our money.

And the way that we’re supposed to make our money is by becoming an affiliate for Audible. Audible is the. Audible platform for amazon. com and the way that this works is we’re supposed to make five dollars every 30 seconds by getting people to sign up for free to a free audible book. The reason why this is termed easy is because we’re going to earn affiliate commissions without even forcing people to buy stuff.

We’re just going to sign up for a free trial and once they do we’re going to make five dollars from each person. Or that’s the theory. Once we are signed up as an affiliate for Audible, we are supposed to go over to Medium, which is the magic website. You see, Medium is a free blog hosting platform that anybody can use from around the world.

And it’s funny because almost every guru points to this website as some magic money making website. They always point to this website when they start talking about free and easy because Medium is easy, Medium is free, and again, money’s gonna come falling out of the sky. Anyway, the process again is really simple.

You’re just going to copy the summary that you got from Chachapiti. You’re going to put it into Medium, and then you’re going to take the image that we created in Canva. And you’re also going to put that one or two paragraphs deep in your Medium blog post. The final step is to add the words. Click here for a free book on Amazon throughout your summary.

And the theory is. You’re going to make that sentence a hot link or an affiliate link. And when people click that link, that’s how we’re supposed to make money in about 30 seconds. Now that part one is done, let’s take a look at part two, which is my results and why I got the result that I got. But before we do that, let’s do some math.

5 every 30 seconds is 120 per hour. $120 per hour is $2,880 per day. $2,880 per day comes out to $1,051,200 per year. Ask yourself this, is it really possible to earn $1,051,200 per year with this method answer down below? And so I started this side hustle on January 22nd of this year. I have a total of three blog posts with this method.

And if you take a look at my stats from January, 2024, you can see that I have two views, one read. I have zero 2024 or the three summary posts. I claim that I can make 5 every 30 seconds. And if I’ve got zero reads, I’ve obviously made no money. So let’s spend a couple minutes talking about why this method doesn’t work.

When I googled the 100 startup, which is the first book I tried this summary for, here’s what popped up. The search results for Amazon, the actual website for the book, a website called The Goodreads. And I also saw one book review from the website Medium. This is way too competitive. Also, if you google the 100 startup summary, the first thing that pops up.

is an actual summary of the book. So unfortunately, this method won’t work. You are going to waste hours, much more than 30 seconds, trying to get this method to work. And it’s not you. It’s the method. This method won’t work for you. I also think that this won’t work because most people already have a subscription to Amazon or Audible if they want it.

And this method is predicated on finding people that don’t have an Audible subscription so that we can make the 5. Finally, this method won’t work because there’s no depth or substance to this summary. A good summary needs to have more detailed information for it to rank or appear on Google. All right, now that we know the process and we know the process doesn’t work, here are some real ways that you can actually make money online.

The number one thing that I recommend that you do is do what the gurus are doing and not what they’re telling you to do. You see, he’s creating original content. Telling you to do stuff that is quick and easy. Creating YouTube videos is not quick or easy, but they’re much more rewarding than the method that he’s telling you to do, and he knows that.

I think he’s hoping that you don’t realize that. Now, if you’re looking to take advantage of the Audible affiliate program, here’s what I would do. Step-by-step. I’d go to YouTube and I’d start creating YouTube videos for the best books for, for example, create videos about. The best books for self development, the best books for men and the best books for teenagers and so on.

But don’t just create content. Create content that will actually help the audience. Before you upload a video, ask yourself this. Would I buy after watching this video? That is, am I uploading a high enough quality video that I would be compelled to buy? If the answer is no, then the people watching the video won’t buy either.

I’m going to be honest with you. Don’t waste your time and other people’s time uploading shit. That’s not actually going to be helpful. So let’s go ahead and jump back into my computer. And I’m going to give you some examples of the types of content you could create. So if we go here, we can type in best books for, as you can see here, people are asking questions about best books for communication skills, for teams, for sales.

If we go down to best books for communication skills, you can see that there are shorts here that are getting thousands of views. You can also see content creators of all sizes. For example, 12, 000 views, 19, 000 subscribers. People of all sizes are getting views. Take a look at this one. Top five books for improving communication skills.

17, 000 views, 1. 16 thousand subscribers. This should be your sign. That this is a better way to go. Now, if we clicked on this, this guy is Bookmatic, and he should give us some more examples of the books to create. If we look at this, this is the type of content we want to create. You can see here that some of his videos are getting tons of views, while others aren’t getting as many.

But if you’re looking to take advantage of the Audible affiliate program, this is the right way to do it. This is helpful. This is stuff that people are actually interested in. Now, if we scroll down and look, you can see here that he has Different links. Some of these links go to Spotify and this podcast.

Some go to different affiliate programs and even an online course. So if you’re looking to stay within the audible realm, this is the best way to make money online with the audible affiliate program and be helpful. But it’s key, really important that you create content. That will actually help someone solve a problem and not just throw crap on the internet, thinking that consumers are dumb enough to buy.

Now that you know that this process won’t work, what if I told you, I created a video that shows you how to start affiliate marketing step by step without any followers and any money out of pocket. Watch this video next to get started with affiliate marketing on YouTube, step by step