Target Affiliate Program: How To Make $100/Day With Target

Everything About the Target Affiliate Program

Are you afraid that it is impossible to succeed in affiliate marketing? We live in a digital world, and everyone wants to utilize technology to make money. One such way to make money is through affiliate programs. However, it could be hard to choose the right affiliate program if you do not have insights into what it brings to the table. Here is where the Target Affiliate program steps in.

The Target Affiliate Program is an affiliate program that allows you to represent one of the largest online retailers in the US, Target. Its surging popularity proves what a reliable alternative it is to the Amazon Associates Program. Here is everything you need to know about this program.

How It Works

Impact Radius runs the Target Affiliate Program. Yet, you still have to sign up through the Target Affiliate landing page. Joining this program is free. However, you must prove that you have a family-friendly website and existing traffic. This traffic has to be predominantly in the US, as Target does not ship its products worldwide.

This program allows you to add multiple websites to your account during the signup process. This aspect allows you to utilize traffic to your different sites, ensuring that you get a better commission in the long run. Notably, the Target Affiliate Program does not accept websites in forbidden niches, including gambling and adult content.

Target Affiliate Program is suitable for anyone who meets the set requirements. Its design allows you to copy and paste product tables and ads, making it suitable for beginners and professionals alike. However, established affiliate marketers are likely to benefit a lot from the increased traffic they have.

Target Affiliate Program’s Commission Structure and Rates

Undoubtedly, everyone looks forward to good pay. Understanding how the commission structure is could readily allow you to make logical decisions in the long run.

The commissions earned from this program vary, depending on the category of products you want to market. For instance, suppose you want to market products under the Home & Outdoor Living category. This category attracts a 5% commission per month on sales between zero and ten. In comparison, commissions on over 10,000 sales assure you of an 8% commission.

Target pays its commissions about 20 days after the end of a transaction lock period. The lock period is often about 90 days, meaning you might wait for up to 110 days before receiving your payout after a successful referral.

Products In the Program

Target boasts over one million products in its stores. Most of its products are for everyday use, making it easier for you to get conversions. Its broad range of pet supplies, clothing, electronics, food, and home décor makes it easier for you to get the targeted clientele.

The Target Affiliate program limits you to four major categories. These categories attract different commission rates, meaning you need to be careful when selecting the most suitable niche. You could choose from Accessories & Apparel, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Health & Beauty, and Baby Gear & Furniture.

If you are new to the program, it would be best to aim at the best-selling categories. Some of the most notable categories are school supplies, pet supplies, small appliances, and electronics. You could also consider toys, sports, and luggage.

Some products are excluded from this program too. Groceries, household items, baby care products, and video games & consoles are not up for grabs.

Is the Target Affiliate Program Worth It?

You do not want to spend time on something that does not provide excellent returns. For that reason, it would be best to select an affiliate program whose merits and demerits you understand. Here is what the Target Affiliate Program brings to the table.

What Makes Target Affiliate Program Unique

  • Target Affiliate Program is unique when compared to other associate programs. Here are a few things that set this program apart.
  • Target stocks products from reputable and recognized brands. Its focus on quality implies that converting leads will be much easier. Brand names are most likely going to appeal to potential clients.
  • This program comes with a 7-day cookie policy, meaning that you get a commission if the customer clicks and makes a purchase from your affiliate link. Besides, you do not have to worry about a direct link to a shopping cart.
  • Its $12 EPC proves its commitment to making your life better.
  • As your sales improve, so does your commission. The steady growth in sales commissions helps improve your income as your traffic grows.
  • This program assures you of no interminable government interference. This aspect allows you to focus on building a solid audience and improve client conversion in the long run.


  • This program gives its affiliates a 7-day cookie with as many occurrences within the seven days.
  • It assures you of an increase in commission every time your sales go up
  • This program allows you to market products from four distinct categories, meaning it becomes easier to choose what suits your preferred niche.
  • It provides you with a $12 EPC, which is reasonably friendly
  • This site can provide same-day delivery for some of its products, primarily through Shipt Shoppers.
  • It is relatively straightforward to use
  • Its friendly and responsive support team will help address any concerns you have. Besides, this team is at your disposal at all times.


  • It offers up to 0% on some of its products
  • Its presence is within the US only, limiting people with worldwide audiences
  • Target has multiple stores across the country, meaning some people would want to do in-store shopping

How To Use the Target Affiliate Program

Your success in this program will often depend on the strategies used. The goal is to promote products online, yet the margins could be relatively slim. Ensure that you develop a stratagem that can send significant traffic to Target. The best approach would be content marketing.

Content marketing is a reliable way to attract readers, clients, and leads. Its success relies on the keyword research you conduct and the quality of content you out there. You must also be ready to churn out content regularly.

You could also consider social media marketing. While Target has a significant online presence on social media, your input could make a huge difference. Whether you consider Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, ensure that the chosen platform can provide you with the success you need.

10 Ways to Make Money With the Target Affiliate Program

Everyone on the program wants the best for themselves, meaning you need to stand out. Unless you develop a suitable strategy to beat the others and gain more traffic, you will lose out. Here are ten different ways to make money using this Target Affiliate program. 

i. Promote High-End Furniture on Pinterest

Furniture is one of the high-paying categories on Target, attracting an 8% commission. Promoting it on Pinterest allows you to reach a broad audience of mostly high-income household homemakers and young adults. Usually, it would be best to be consistent in this approach, as it helps build your brand.

ii. Promote Multiple Products

There is no denying that Target Affiliate Program does not provide you with the healthiest returns. Diversifying your focus could help improve your chances of lead conversion. Take the time to promote products from different categories, whether through your website or social media platform. In most cases, it would help if you used organic search.

iii. Email Marketing

Take the time to create a suitable client list. This list will enable you to communicate with the leads at any time. It also allows you to send affiliate email promotions to them. Its conversion rate is often high.

Email marketing has proven to be one of the most consistent and reliable ways to convert leads. As long as you can collect potential clients’ emails, it would be easier to reach out to them and promote whatever products you have. Remember, some potential clients will take time before they can finally close the deal. That means you need to exercise a little patience from time to time.

iv. Invest in The Right Tools

Did you know that having the right tools could boost your affiliate marketing career? These tools often help improve your campaign efficiency. For instance, you will need various plugins, including an Affiliate Manager plugin for your WordPress site. This plugin allows you to track your transactions and successful conversions. It also ensures that you keep track of your commissions.

v. Utilize Multiple Traffic Sources

It would be best to invest in multiple traffic sources that lead to your website. In turn, you utilize the traffic to make lead conversions. Various traffic sources are at your disposal, and understanding which one suits your needs will help you make logical decisions. Some of the popular options are Google Ads and social media ads. These paid traffic sources will impact the traffic flow to your site, even though slight.

You could also consider SEO, which optimizes your page to rank best on search engines. Better ranks will often help you attract more traffic passively. One of the easiest ways to enhance SEO would be to create top-notch quality content.

vi. Content marketing

Content marketing is an inevitable strategy for anyone looking to succeed in affiliate marketing. This approach requires you to invest in top-notch content. Ensure that your content resonates with what the potential buyers want. It should strike their emotions, prompting them to purchase the item. Besides that, you must produce content consistently. Your consistency helps improve traffic flow, allowing you to make a better impact.

vii. Create Online Communities

Every young professional is moving towards social media. Utilizing these platforms to make money will be a wise move. Typically, this approach requires you to create a group about specific products. For instance, you could create a group about baby products and allow for user-generated content. This move will help the group thrive, whether or not you post frequently. Feel free to send them affiliate links from time to time. It will help improve your lead conversion chances.

viii. Prioritize Quality

You could have multiple affiliates, yet making money can remain a mirage. Success will often depend on the collaborations you make. With the right and dependable collaborations, it will be a lot easier for you to drive traffic to your site, and consequently, to the affiliate links. Ensure that you maintain steady relationships with your traffic and affiliates. This way, you will be sure of a better income over time.

ix. Research Product Demand

Most people could end up in affiliate marketing without proper product demand research. Excellent research ensures that you understand what audience to target, whether by age, budget, or location. Such will be the time to understand consumer behavior and preferences. It will help you choose products that can meet their needs, and recurrently so.

At the same time, learn to test and monitor your performance. Tracking your performance could help determine what works and what does not. This way, you can change your strategy and realize enhanced efficiency levels in the long run.

x. Be Creative

Creativity could help improve your lead conversion chances. It is always best to combine different approaches when targeting specific audiences. For instance, combining graphics and ad copies could help improve visual appeal. Most people love videos and bright pictures, and using these elements could appeal to a significant part of your audience.

Besides, ensure that you choose attractive products. Take the time to identify which products are likely to appeal to the masses and specialize in them. An item used by a majority of people will assure you of better profitability results in the long run.

In conclusion, the Target Affiliate program is one of the best choices, despite its few demerits. This program provides you with excellent cookie policies, returns, and a range of products. As long as you know what products to promote and how to do it, there is a high chance of getting a higher commission.