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What if I told you that everyone talking about the new ChatGPT program is missing something obvious? Is what if I told you there is tons of opportunity that simply nobody is talking about? Well, in this video, I’m going to answer a bunch of questions that people asked in my first video, I’m going to reveal what I think is the hidden opportunity that nobody is talking about.

And I’m going to offer some monetization opportunities that are simply going to blow your mind. Hi, my name is Alston Godbolt with alstongodbolt.com. I create content to actually help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pocket. And if you want to be added to the globe, comment down below with your city, state, zip code, province, or country, and I’ll get you pinned.

So I’ve watched a ton of these YouTube videos that are talking about the new ChatGPT store and how you can make money from it. And they’re all basically saying the same thing. They all say just go out and make bots and money is going to magically. Fall out of the sky, but I think there’s a ton of opportunity outside of the ChatGPT store, which I’ll talk about later on in this video. First and foremost, I’m going to answer every single question that was asked in my original video that I uploaded just a few days ago. The first question is how do I actually make money with the store? Currently, you are going to have a revenue split that you share with ChatGPT kind of like the YouTube partner program. Unfortunately, right now we don’t know exactly what that split is, but more information should be coming out later on this quarter or early next quarter. The second question I got a lot is, can you actually do this for free? And currently you have to be a part of the pro plan, which is just 20 per month in order to take advantage of these ChatGPT prompts in the prompt store.

The next big question that I received is, is this opportunity available outside of the U S and the answer is yes and no. Yes, which I’ll talk about later in the video. No, right now, the only way to earn through the revenue split through the ChatGPT store is actually being a member or resident of the United States.

Next question that I got a lot was how do you go about pricing the bot? Once it’s uploaded right now, there isn’t a way to price the bot again. That’s probably going to be something that comes out a little bit later. You might not even be able to attach a price to it because the revenue split is going to be not yet figured out.

Next question I got was, can you edit the bot after posting? Yes, you can actually take the bot down, make edits, and then re upload it. You can keep it private for as long as you want. You can essentially do whatever you want with it. Make as many edits as you need. So now that I’ve answered all the questions from my original video, let’s talk about the thing that everybody’s overlooking.

In fact, in my first video, I overlooked this opportunity too. Then when I went back and looked at the numbers and talked to a few members of my private coaching group, I saw something glaring that nobody is talking about. So I think right now a lot of people want you to create bots that appeal to a large variety of people.

They want you to create bots that are massive. It solves all of the world’s problems and I think that in itself is a huge problem. I think it’s the wrong way to go because if you’re creating this huge massive bot, it’s going to attract a lot of attention and there’s going to be a lot of competition.

You’re going to have 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 people making the exact same bot, which could get diluted. I think the opportunity is actually going in the exact opposite direction. In my opinion, instead of going macro with the bots and trying to compete with hundreds of thousands of people, why don’t we go with micro and compete with very few people, get more of the market share.

So what if the opportunity was actually in answering local questions? I’m going to show you what I mean in just a moment, but think about that for a second. Answering local questions instead of trying to answer micro questions, answering local questions. Instead of trying to answer these large questions, I think that’s where the opportunity is.

So basically what I’m saying is, instead of trying to create a bot to solve the world’s problems, create a bot that’s going to solve Jan’s problems in the question that she’s asking. For example, Jan might be asking, what are the best places to eat near Yankee Stadium? Or the best hotels near the O’Hare airport?

I see every single month people are asking these types of questions. Best things to do, best places to eat. That’s the places to visit. I think that’s where the opportunity. I think that we can create bots to answer these local questions that will attract thousands of people every single month. And there are multiple ways to monetize, which I’m going to reveal in just a moment.

So what I want to do real quick is I want to jump into this paid keyword research tool. So you can see all of the opportunity. That’s right in front of me. Take a look at my screen here. I just typed in things to do near, and you can see that this keyword or series of keywords. Is there’s over 70, 000 of them and it searched over 743, 000 times per month.

Every single month, people are asking things to do near Orlando, things to do near Ashfield. Things to do near Denver or also looking up tells here think about that for a second People are looking up hotels near Disneyland tells near Denver Airport These are getting tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of searches every single month I think that’s where the opportunity really really lies.

Most often people that are searching this information People that live near the Denver airport and so they are going to Denver, they might be staying near the Denver airport. Think about that for a second. Another thing we can do is look up best Asian restaurants. Once again, you’re going to see that people are looking up best Asian restaurants.

Near a location, and that’s where I think our opportunity is. Best Asian restaurants NYC. Best Asian restaurants near me. Best Asian restaurants in Vegas. I get 700 searches per month. So my question is, instead of building this huge massive bot that solves the world’s problems, what if we built a local bot that came up with a list of the best kid friendly things to do near the O’Hare airport?

Then what we can do is we can drive traffic to our bot or even embed it in a blog post and drive traffic with a YouTube video, even a Pinterest pen. For example, if we take a look at my computer again, I actually built up a bot, the hotels near Disneyland. Now, if we look at this friendly neighbor, like bot for detailed Disney hotel info and reviews, if I could say list the 10 best.

Hotels that are pet friendly within five miles and it could actually do the work. Figure out the best hotels that are pet friendly and return a result. But this is just one layer us answering specific questions that people are asking and help us make money, which I’ll reveal in just a moment. But look at this.

Here’s some of the best pet friendly hotels near Disneyland based on various sources and aggregated those sources that put it together and it’s solving a direct question. Now people that are looking up the best hotels near Disneyland obviously are traveling to Disneyland. They’re going to have other wants and needs.

They’re going to have kids and I think these are opportunities for us to potentially make money. If we look through these we can provide even more information. We could ask for even more information and be even more helpful. Let me know if you’re starting to see this opportunity for what it is, not just some box.

So now that you know, I believe the best opportunity for bots going forward. I’m sure you’re wondering, how can I actually monetize this? Now I jumped over to ChatGPT and I said, can I put affiliate links in my custom bots? When I asked that question, it actually said, yes, I could put affiliate links inside of my custom.

Now the interesting thing about that is, think about it, if I’m building out a chatbot to reveal the best hotels near Disneyland, I could then put an affiliate link to booking. com so that people can book their flights. It could also include affiliate links to luggage and anything else people need for traveling.

Think about that. I could put together a digital product where I sell a travel planner, a travel itinerary, or the best ways to navigate Disneyland if you have a family of five. If people are looking up information on Disneyland, there is tons of opportunity. Same goes for things like Yankee Stadium, best restaurants near Yankee.

Stadium. I put together a list of the five or 10 best restaurants near Yankee Stadium. And then I could include affiliate links again, to booking. com or StubHub. If they wanted to get tickets to the next Yankees game, I think this is where the opportunity really lies. Putting an affiliate links on digital products, right within your box.

I think that’s going to be a better way to make money with. The bots, instead of just relying on revenue share, like other people are recommending. Guys, let me know what you think. Now that you know the opportunity for CatchBT and bots, you still need to learn how to create and sell digital products.

Watch this video next if you want to learn how to create digital products that will help you monetize your bots more efficiently