Why You’re Failing To Make Money Online In 2024


It was weird to say, but I’ve been making money online for almost 10 years now, which is a long time in my time. I’ve had ups, I’ve had downs, I’ve had lefts, I’ve had rights. And unfortunately I’m seeing a lot of the same mistakes that I made many, many years ago. So in this video, I want to give you some tough love.

I’m going to put my arms around you virtually consensually to help you actually be successful. In this video, we’re going to talk about three things that You’re probably doing wrong. And quite honestly, it’s not your fault. You have been told by many other people that this is the way to do it. This is the way to be successful and to make money online.

And unfortunately they have given you some bad information. So I’m going to give you some tough love, some tough advice, stuff that you probably don’t want to hear, but stuff that you need to hear. Hi, my name is Alston Godbolt with alstongodbolt.com. I want to help you make money online and not just to put money into my own pockets.

And if you want to be added to the globe, Comment down below with your city, state, zip code, province, or country. And I’ll get your pen. So like I said, I’ve been doing this for a long time now, which is crazy to think. And I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I listened to people that didn’t have my best interest at heart.

I tried to find quick fixes and quick solutions. Some of that has been exasperated or made worse by AI and short format content, but I’m seeing a lot of the same mistakes. People that want to make money online, people that are desperate, they have a need, maybe they can’t get out into the world. You know, maybe you’re on like disability, maybe you’re up there in age, maybe you’re in a part of the country or world that doesn’t have a lot of jobs readily available.

And so you’re kind of in like fight or flight mode. You’re in desperation mode. And there’s a lot of people that are preying upon that. And I want to just point out some simple things, simple changes that you could make today to see some better results tomorrow. Now I am a huge proponent of consistency and persistence.

Okay? You have to keep showing up every single day. Like this is your job. Because in the beginning, until you start seeing money, this will be a unpaid job, a job that you’re going to grind on that you’re going to have some good days and some bad days. But without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at today’s video.

Three things that I’m seeing that are wrong. If we jump into my computer here, one of the first ones, and this is kind of what this hits home, the first two will hit home based on my YouTube channel. The first one here is people that are offering to help people that are offering to do thumbnails, people that are offering to do video editing services, whatever it is, if you are a service.

And you’re offering to help, you got to do it the right way. And I’m not picking on these people. A lot of these people will comment, Hey, are you looking for a professional YouTube thumbnail designer? Hi, sir. Are you looking for a professional YouTube thumbnail designer? Hello, sir. I’ve seen your video.

Your content quality is very good. Are you looking for a professional YouTube thumbnail designer? This is all from one person, by the way. You must be testing thumbnails. Nice, but you should work on your thumbnails. A lot of comments about the thumbnails. Now, this isn’t about me in particular. This is about what I’m seeing.

So let’s say I was looking for a thumbnail designer and this person offers when I click on his YouTube channel, there’s nothing there. Okay. If you are a service, you need to display your service and your ability. How can I know? That he’s going to put together a great thumbnail. If I don’t have anything to go by, if you’re going to offer a service, one of the things that I did when I was building out five page WordPress websites, I built out a dummy.

website just so that you could see that people could go to. It was called restaurant example. com. I spent my own money and I built it as, as proof of concept to show you, to show potential customers that, Hey, this is what I can do for you. Now, if we look at these, all of these people that tell me that I need to work on my thumbnails, I don’t have anything to compare it to.

If you have a service, offer examples, offer a free portfolio. Like I click on this guy’s link. I look at more about his channel. There’s nothing here. Okay. Okay. If I go back over here, like, I don’t know if this guy, and I’m not calling him a scammer, but is this guy gonna take my money and run? This is, I believe, the same person.

But if you look at most of these, there’s no information. There’s no Facebook video to go to or Facebook post to go to. There’s nothing here. And so if you are going to offer a service. Have a portfolio, have examples, show people, heck, a couple of YouTube videos shows me you’re a real person and that you can actually help.

And another thing that you could do to go a long way is if you do thumbnails, show before and after show a channel that you’ve worked with that was only getting a 2 percent click through rate. And then you show the results after where this person has a 10, 11, 12 click through rate. You need proof. Okay?

There’s so many. Scammers and and people that have ill intentions out in the world You need some sort of proof for anybody to trust you My guess is this person is spraying and praying across multiple YouTube channels But if he had proof he probably wouldn’t do it and if he had proof he could probably command more than whatever is he’s willing To charge I saw one of these I can’t find it.

But one of these guys was only doing thumbnails for five bucks I can’t remember which one it is. Maybe I can find it. Let’s see Maybe it’s this guy. See again, more about the channel. There’s, there’s nothing here. How am I supposed to know that this person is good at thumbnails? If there’s no thumbnails, I’m a graphic designer, YouTube channel.

Perfect. So this is another one. Get in touch. I got to send him an email. If you have like, this is the one I was talking about. Only 5. If you are going to create thumbnails and you believe that you can create thumbnails better than mine, have some proof. Show me what a thumbnail looks like. Create a 30 second YouTube video showing me what this looks like, what your completed process is, how you find the inspiration and the ideas.

What is the process? So if you have a service, have a portfolio, have proof. That is number one. Number two, and I’m probably going to have to call some people out on this. This is a different form of spraying and praying. Now this is absolutely, completely like confusing. I’m sure somebody saw this as a, in a YouTube video.

What people are doing, for example, this guy, Dave Nick, ironically enough, Dave Nick has decided to join my mailing address, my mailing list. And anytime I send out an email, he automatically responds with congratulations and then a link. First of all, why would I ever click on that link? And he’s not the only one.

There’s a bunch of them out here, but how are you adding value? How are you solving problems? Now this will be the type of person that will say, Hey, I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried all of the different ways to make money online and nothing has worked. Nothing has worked is because you’re spraying and praying.

This will not work. I guarantee you, this person saw a YouTube video that said, Hey, join mailing list of people of random YouTubers and auto reply. I think I’ve seen that video before. Auto reply with your link from Max bounty or from a CPA offer. Cause that’s what these are. And if I just magically click and enter in my contact information, boom, you’ll make money.

This will never work. Okay. First of all, most people don’t check their emails. I just happened to see this on my phone. Like I said, this guy sends them, I get rid of this. Every email that I send, he automatically sends one of these back, right? I’m never clicking on this link. He hasn’t added any value. I’m not interested in a free PlayStation 5.

And, you know, this is what I call spraying and praying. You have to, if you want to be successful online, you have to solve a problem. You have to add value in some way. What problem is this guy solving? And he’s not the only one. I’m sure if I went through a few of these, I could see, I could find another one.

I think Margaret is another one. Automatic emails telling me to go click on something and do CPA. If you want to be successful online guys, you have to solve a problem and add value. What problem is this solving? What value? Is this person adding to the marketplace? And again, this person will probably spend a bunch of time saying, I’ve tried everything to make money online and it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work because you’re not solving any problems. You haven’t identified a problem that I have. You are just creating these BAM accounts. And you are joining a bunch of mailing lists. I’m sure he’s on a list of millions of people, thousands of people at this point, and none of them are going to click on this link.

So you’ve wasted time, energy, and effort trying to do this. It’s not going to work. Now, I encourage you, if you see that video, please don’t do this. Because A, most likely, if you’re doing this, most people aren’t going to see this email. B, they’re never going to click on this link. I have no incentive to click on the link.

So that’s number two. Don’t do this. Don’t do any version of this. If someone tells you that you can make money online simply auto posting or auto responding to emails that are sent to you, it’s not going to work. The conversion rate is so low, you’re going to be wasting so much time and you’re just adding to the junk that’s already on the internet.

All right, so that is number two. Number three is, and again, this has more to do with the advent of AI. A lot of clients that I work with will say, I can’t make money online. Making money online is impossible. There is no way to make money online. And then I’ll say, I’ve been uploading YouTube video after YouTube video and nothing is working.

Now I don’t know this person. I just stumbled upon it or an example. Then I’ll say, you know what? Let me see your content. They’ll send me their content and it’s some variation of poorly done AI voice. They don’t even take the time to do your own voiceover. They don’t take the time to make decent videos.

I mean, you have Canva now you can make decent videos with Canva. There’s CapCut, which is also free. You have to solve a problem to make money. Now I’m going to show you this. And again, it’s no disrespect to the creator, but this is some, this is one of the mistakes that so many people make. And they’ll say, it’s not possible to make money online.

Only people that are. Already successful are able to make money online. That’s what people will say, but then you’ll post stuff like this

So I think this is like an 8 second video the question is how does this help how does this solve a problem? What’s the point of this and they’ll wonder why they’re not getting any views They’re wonder why they’re not adding people to their mailing list because you’re not helping. You’re not solving a problem.

You’re not answering questions. You are just spraying and praying on the internet. One thing that I like to say is this is your competition. Your competition is doing minimal work, putting in minimal effort. If you just put in a little bit more than your competition, you’ll be surprised how successful you are.

If you put in a little bit more effort. And the work than your competition over a sustained period of time, you’ll be surprised how much more successful you’ll be. Now, what’s really interesting is this person will quit after maybe two months of trying this because they’ll claim that making money online doesn’t work.

And all you have to do is show up every single day, work on your business, work toward your business and you can be much more successful. So those are the three things that I’m seeing. There’s many more like buying software that. Claims to shortcut the process. There’s a lot more out there, but these are the three biggest ones that I see a lot of people doing.

They don’t have a portfolio, so go out, get a portfolio. They are just spraying and praying and they’re not adding value. Okay. I have a ton of videos on this channel that teach you how to do freelancing correctly. I have a ton of videos on how you can start an online business and creating content. If you truly are interested in being successful online and you’re not just going through the motions and you’re not just, Hoping, wishing, and praying, and you want a game plan, check out my videos.

I also put together a five hour masterclass. It’s 100 percent free. I’ll link that in the description also, but you know, if you’re serious about building a successful online business, check out that masterclass, check out the content on my channel because it’s no BS. It’s upfront. It’s honest. It gives you real expectations.

And it’s something that you probably haven’t heard or seen too much of in the make money online space. So go ahead. I’ll watch this video next because I’ve got that free five hour masterclass that I put together just for you.